• Everything You Need to Know Before Getting an Escort

     Tips for a Smooth & Enjoyable Experience

    When it comes to hiring an escort, there are certain etiquette and behavior guidelines you should follow to ensure a pleasant experience for both parties. Whether you are a first-time client or an experienced one, it is important to respect the escort's boundaries and be considerate of their time. Here are some tips on how to behave with an escort in order to make sure that your encounter is as enjoyable as possible.

    Meeting an escort can be a daunting experience, especially if you are not sure of what to expect. Here are some tips on how to behave with an escort in order to ensure that you have a pleasant experience.

    1) Respect their Off-Limits

    It is important to remember that they are a professional and should be treated as such. Respect their boundaries, be courteous and polite, and make sure to follow any instructions they give you. Being considerate of your escort will ensure you have a pleasant experience together. She’s a lady so treat her how all ladies deserve to be treated, be a gentleman.

    2) Communicate

    When they arrive , greet them happily. Make them comfortable by offering a drink. Then begin the conversation and thoroughly talk through what you expect and how you want it to be, ask if they are uncomfortable about something specific and if there’s something like that, try to avoid it totally. Key thing to remember is not to get too lost in the moment and hurt them doing something you should not.

    3) Offer her something to Drink

    Don’t just start with your business as soon as she arrives, ask her if she wants water or something else to drink. Offer some snacks or fruits along with the drink to make her feel comfortable around you and you will also loosen up and things will be able to carried forward smoothly.

    4) Don’t Forget the Protection

    If you’re going to take it to bed, it is really crucial too make sure you’re using a condom, for sure. As you don’t want to get any sexual health complications. Use a good quality latex condom to protect you and them, both from the risk of any infection.

    5) Pay

    Make sure you discuss the payment beforehand starting anything , it would be good if you pay them as soon as you meet. Discuss if you want it to be a one time thing or you would like to see them again and in anyways respect her decision and don’t try to force them for anything. Be generous and end the meeting with on a polite note and a good tip.

    6) Things to avoid

    Don’t be too attitude-laden and treat her like a commodity you own. Be gentle and ask her if she wants to go the way you want to, before trying anything, take consent if she’s okay with you doing that. Refrain from taking pictures or videos without her consent. Don’t be a douche and start speaking all dirty and rough to her, not everyone like that, follow her instructions and lead according to that. Don’t run just after completing your business. Finish it like a gentleman with post-coitus cuddles, care or conversation. Get the best escorts in Delhi over https://escortsear.ch/call-girls/delhi




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